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More universes than you can poke a story at.

Welcome to my new website. It's a bit more flash than the last one (though obviously still home made).

The Brightest Light has been available in paperback for a while now, to go with the e-book version. It can be purchased from Amazon or you should be able to order it from most good book shops (I think) and probably a few bad ones as well. The e-book is also available from Smashwords for those morally opposed to Amazon, or those who want some different formats. It looks great and it's obvioulsy a great story, so check it out, if you haven't already.

Recently I've been working on a fantasy, sword and scorceryish, novella called The Age of Heroes. It's a fun little piece with some action, romance, interesting characters (I think so anyway) and witty dialog. I've just finished another draft and hope to have it available as an ebook by the end of the month.

That's what I'd like, but something is bound to go wrong. If you'd like to hear about it when it happens (the release, that is, not the thing that goes wrong), fill in the form over on the right and I'll send around a lovely newsletter to let know know. I promise I won't give your details to anyone else. And I won't bother you with anecdotes about my children (the yongest just turned 2-- do you want pictures?) every week. (Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you'll never hear about my children.

After a decade exiled to a small piece of farmland that flies the quietest windlanes, Kade is thrust back into a criminal underworld of death, corruption, shady deals and dirty deeds.

Before he knows it, he's in over his head, chasing a piece of crystal technology the likes of which the world has never seen. A piece of technology that could change everything. And all he has to keep him alive are his pistols and his wits, neither of which have been used in a long time.

But it's just like old times. He doesn't know who to trust. He doesn't know who's on which side. He doesn't even know which side he's on any more.

All Kade knows for sure is that murder and mayhem aren't what they used to be.

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