More universes than you can poke a story at.


All About Me

I've been writing Science Fiction and fantasy novels for as long as I can remember. When I was 10 years old, I wrote an 11 chapter, 11 page novel about exploring our solar system. It was typed up and bound (well stapled) and ended uptravelling around to a lot of schools in the hands of a very impressed District Inspector of Schools (or something similar).

I spent a lot of time starting things I didn't finish. That changed when, aged 20, I decided to start writing and not stop until I had finished a novel. 19 days later, I had Dramoon. It is the type of novel you'd expect from someone that age and I still have it on my computer somewhere.

Since then I've done a lot more writing and imporved accordingly. For many years I was a member of the Vision Writing group in Brisbane along with people such as Trent Jamieson, Marianne DePierres, Cory Daniels and Dirk Flintheart.

I live in Woodford,  a small town just out of Brisbane, with my wife and three great kids (my wife is great too) and intend to write for a long time to come (even if the whole self publishing thing doesn't work out).

Contact me at scott at tengama dot com (with the obvious adjustments).